jedd richards

Introducing Jeff Richards

Democratic candidate for Clermont County Commissioner

Jeff Richards has spent most of his life in Clermont County.

He is the son of a Cincinnati police officer and grew up with a strong sense of right and wrong which nurtured and informed his inherent regard for justice.

He was educated at Guardian Angels School and Archbishop McNicholas High School before entering the University of Cincinnati to pursue a degree in Economics.

While attending UC Jeff met his lovely wife and helpmate, Cheryl, to whom he has been married for forty years, and together they worked for and realized the American dream.  They had two wonderful sons and found their dream home on the Ohio River at Moscow.

As for so many other Americans in the 21st century, the American Dream for Jeff and Cheryl was tainted by tragedy.  Jeff and Cheryl were each diagnosed with cancer, which they survived, and happily both are now healthy.  The next tragedy in their life did not have a happy ending.  Their firstborn son, Adam, died in the opioid epidemic.

Their younger son, Andrew, gave Jeff and Cheryl much joy last year when he married Lisa, a beautiful entrepreneur.  Lisa’s business was doing well, but like so many other small business owners, she has been struggling during the corona virus pandemic.  Like any father, Jeff worries about his son and daughter-in-law in this difficult time, and he also worries about his community.

Concern for the community and a willingness to become involved are not new to Jeff.  He served on the Moscow Zoning Committee for twelve years.

Jeff is also a very active member of the Clermont County Democratic Party.  He serves on several CCDP committees, and he has come to be known within CCDP as forthright, down-to-earth, and dependable.  He is always among the first to raise his hand when there is a call for volunteers.

To his friends Jeff is the big guy with a big heart who always has a warm greeting for them, is quick with a joke, and will always find an excuse to fire up the barbeque and cook dinner for them.

In short, Jeff Richards is a caring man.  He cares about his family, his friends, his community, and his country.  But Jeff goes beyond caring.  He is willing to serve, and he would like to serve Clermont County as YOUR county commissioner.

Policy Positions

Drug Addiction

Drug abuse is a medical problem not a criminal problem. Drug addicts should be patients not prisoners.

Economic Equality

Fifteen dollar minimum wage and education without debt.

Renewable Energy

Let’s make Clermont County a leader in the new-coming Green Economy.

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Our campaign is seeking volunteers  to assist with phone and text banks, putting up signs, etc. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.